Asset Library Ideation



Requirements from the Product for Image Editing (Focal Points) and was as the follwing:

Acceptance Criteria

  • Produce in-browser prototypes for the workflows around viewing MPX fields and editing metadata fields on video assets
    • Exact MPX and metadata fields/names TBD
    • MPX fields will be read-only
    • Clickable in-browser prototypes of how images are uploaded and edited in the CMS - both single and bulk flows
      • There are currently 3 places discovered in the CMS to upload images: from the nav, from the asset library, and on a piece of content
    • Producers should experience a responsive design across various devices

Ideation Session

Design Charrettes

Everyone in the session drew out and discussed their ideas regarding collection and its workflow with the group. At the end of the session, we voted for the best ideas and took photos for the record.

Voted ideas | number of votes

  • Multi edit view to feature thumbnail and metadata | 6
  • Grid view | 3
  • Drop zone for uploading items | 3
  • Ability to select multiple files to use multi edit and bulk edit | 3
  • Show the related images on the bottom | 2

Photos from Ideation Session for Asset Library & Media