Image Styles Ideation



Requirements from the Product for Image Editing (Focal Points) and was as the follwing:

Image Editing: Acceptance Criteria

  • Design prototype for bulk and single image editing workflows:
    • Within the asset library
    • Within the Media tab of a piece of content

Image Styles Configuration: Acceptance Criteria

  • Clickable in-browser prototypes of how images styles are added and configured into the CMS
  • Producers should experience a responsive design across various devices

Ideation Session

Design Charrettes

Everyone in the session drew out and discussed their ideas regarding collection and its workflow with the group. At the end of the session, we voted for the best ideas and took photos for the record.

For image styles, we held two separate ideation sessions for viewing image styles and applying them in the producer's point of view, as well as configuring image styles as a tech admin.

Viewing Image Styles: Voted ideas | number of votes

  • Ability to preview the focal points all in one screen | 7
  • Ability to search the image styles | 7
  • Ability to select multiple files and go into bulk edit mode | 5
  • Image style selector in carousel form | 4

Photos from Ideation Session for Viewing Image Styles

Configuring Image Styles: Voted ideas | number of votes

  • Switches to apply effects | 8
  • Selecting multiple effects to preview | 6
  • Set entire style's name above the preview image | 4
  • Effects on a separate tab on mobile | 2
  • Ability to directly interact with the image to rotate it | 1
  • Combined effect preset | 1

Photos from Ideation Session for Configuring Image Styles