Media Gallery Discovery



Most of the discovery for media gallery has been already completed during the first general discovery session. Thus, we extracted information relevant to this feature first, and we asked background questions during the user testing to fill in any missing pieces of information.

Session Recordings

During the discovery session, producers from each brand demonstrated their workflow in-depth while we screenrecorded.

Workflow of each brand

  • Syfy: Most of the workflow is focused on uploading the photos, associating with a series and season, and determining the layout of the gallery tile on the series page. Many of the fields under Photo Gallery are unclear in what they do or not used.

Syfy: Photo Gallery

  • Bravo: Have helper text that indicates how many letters can be entered and how many has the user entered. Can add multiple related shows. Extensive scheduling options available, including each images and the gallery itself. Tagging of the photos with celebrities is very important. Uses row weight a lot to arrange images.

Bravo: Media Gallery

  • USA: Mostly for show galleries, and have specific settings to use the gallery in the show context. Mutiple associations with shows and characters. Customization of end card to link out to a different page.

USA: Media Gallery

Discovery Synthesis


We took notes while rewatching the session videos. Detailed notes are available on the right.

Discovery Session Notes from 2 Brands