Cast & Role Experience Mapping

Experience Mapping

Experience Mapping

Everyone who participated in the user testing as observers gathered after the testing and wrote their notes on sticky notes and categorized them.

Experience Mapping Categories

  • Season
  • Person type
  • Role type
  • Cast section
  • Credit section
  • Other

Photos from Experience Mapping for Cast & Role


All the notes collected from the experience mapping session were transcribed on the excel sheet and marked with colors: green is positive, red is negative, and yellow is requests.

Key takeaways by brand

  • USA: Initially thought Person was for fictional characters, which is based on their brand's current usage. Wanted to combine Person and Role in one place.
  • Bravo: Overall workflow is the same as the current workflow. However, new tabs opening for different nodes are different, and wants the ability to simply choose "Self" as a role instead of entering [Person] as [Person]. Wants to enter other reality roles like "Judge".
  • Syfy/Chiller: Overall workflow is clear. Needs to format biography section and wants WYSIWYG editor. Wants to enter other reality roles, but not immediate need for Chiller.

Consolidation for Cast & Role