Curated Collection Experience Mapping

Experience Mapping

Experience Mapping

Everyone who participated in the user testing as observers gathered after the testing and wrote their notes on sticky notes and categorized them.

Experience Mapping Categories

  • Collections
  • Collection of Collections
  • Association
  • Other

Photos from Experience Mapping for Curated Collection


All the notes collected from the experience mapping session were transcribed on the excel sheet and marked with colors: green is positive, red is negative, and yellow is requests.

Key takeaways by brand

  • USA: Overall workflow is different but clear. Likes the search dropdown UI. Wants direct upload option within Collection.
  • Bravo: Overall workflow is radically different from current one and confusing. Wants convenient ways to create items such as direct upload and cloning. Need scheduling option and promo creation.
  • NBC: Very similar to curret workflow. Wants to preview and schedule, and know how the collection is used in multi-platform. Named Collection of Collections "Collection Group."
  • Syfy: Workflow is very clear and smooth. Likes the search dropdown UI.

Consolidation for Filter Listing Pages

Journey Map

We created the user journey map to illustrate the experience creating a page using Collection and Collection Groups. The changes and action items in the future is also listed in the map.


  • First-time in-app: This will explain what collection is and its use cases. It also introduces the overall workflow of the curated collection.
  • Clone functionality: User can clone or duplicate the items within the context as well as the entire collection.
  • Add assets and promots in context: User can add more items within the context of the collection.
  • Extensive association: Association section will have more information regarding where the collection is used and in what different platform the collection is being used.
  • Powerful item search: User can use filter to find items easily and can select multiple items from the search result.
  • Preview of items: User can preview items inside collection to understand what the item is.

Journey Map for Curated Collection