Video Metadata Experience Mapping

Experience Mapping

Experience Mapping

We created a separate category for all the notes related to video metadata, and grouped them by the reactions and needs.

Photos from Experience Mapping for Video Metadata


Experience Mapping notes for video metadata is summarized in the same docdument as Curated Collection. Refer to the Video Metadata column for feedback on the current prototype, as well as to the Current Behavior tab's Video Metadata section for their current behavior regarding video metadata.

As usual, each feedback is marked with colors depending on the nature: green is positive, red is negative, and yellow is requests.

Key takeaways by brand

  • USA: Thinks the word "Edit" can be misleading to the inexperienced users. Wanted clearer distinction between image and video assets.
  • Bravo: Wants clearer distinction and filtering by type.
  • NBC: Don't choose different video player. Wants to see association of the video, especially with the show.
  • Syfy: Wants to see MPX ID and published status. Also needs some editable fields on video, such as Categories and Series association.

List of wanted video metadata (number of requests)

  • Categories (3)
  • Association with series (2)
  • Thumbnail override (2)
  • Air date (1)
  • Published date (1)
  • MPX ID (1)
  • Publish status (1)
  • Ad association (1)
  • Organizational tags (1)
  • Preview (1)

Consolidation for Video Metadata