Filter Listing Discovery



Based on the previous knowledge, we created a simple script that focuses on understanding their current process and workflow.

Even though the scope of the sprint was filtering only, we investigated search and filtering in general keeping in mind that we would need to design the full experience of searching within the CMS.

Discovery Session Script for Search and Filtering on CMS

Session Recordings


During the discovery session, we screenrecorded the user's demonstration to study the workflow in-depth.

Use cases of each brand

  • Bravo: Currently, they have separate Content type and File type library, but he prefers to have a single library to search over everything. Since they keep specific name conventions, the ability to search with the title is important.


  • NBC: Can search with the similar filters with the other brands. Wants to have created date filter, as they have better idea of create date than the modified date.


  • Syfy: All contents including videos are under Content. The most common issue with the video is episode video not showing up when recap isn't published. They find logos using the fact that they are usually one of the first images to be published for the show. Confused by Assigned To feature, which doesn't seem to work as expected. Wants to see who is the last editor, and preferably the log of editing history. Also wants to see the created date.


  • USA: Each content has promo fields and thus automatically become promo, so there is no need to search for separate promo type. The most often searched content type is TV Episode, along with Media Galleries and A-spots. Wants the search to hit everything including the text of the content types in case they have to pull down all the content related to one keyword (e.g. Hulk Hogan).



In this spreadsheet note, we focused on the types of filters and search results that are already available in each brand's current CMS. The filters and information that is necessary to them is highlighted in green, whereas the ones that are useless are in red.

Synthesis Spreadsheet for Search and Filtering