Post Ideation


Ideation Session

Framing the Problem

In the framing presentation, we demonstrated the users' current workflow and suggested workflow, along with questions to be solved at each step. We also included competitive analysis for multiple parts of the post.

Click here to see the presentation deck for Post's ideation session.

Ideation Presentation Deck PDF

Design Charrette

Everyone in the session drew ideas and discussed them with the group. On the right are the photos from the session.

Voted Ideas | number of votes

  • Listicle as a card in the Blog Post Content Type | 3
  • Listicle in a different page | 1
  • Listicle as one of the embed items | 1
  • Overlay to embed items from Library and External sources | 6
  • Preview of embed item inline | 7
  • Templates | 3
  • Association to other Content Type | 1