Preview & Schedule Wireframe


Idea Consolidation

We brought together the ideas, focusing on preview and schedule content to publish at a specific date and time, received votes during ideation section.

We created workflows to finish each task:

  • Finding an existing content through Version List
  • Schedule the content
  • View schedule options (dropdown calendar)
  • Reschedule content
  • Over write the schedule
  • Version History
  • Compare the previous changes under same version
  • Compare detailed changes across two different versions

Initial Wireframe

Based on the consolidated workflows, we created the initial wireframe to communicate our design solutions with the Engineering and the Product team during the Design & Dev Sync meeting.

Initial Wireframe for Preview & Schedule


After discussion focused on previous feedbacks, we created annotations alongside the wireframe, which matches the final solution and clarify the desired workflow.

The feature of schedule, preview and version list will apply to all content types, which are series, season, episode, event, gallery, dynamic promo, any collection and collection group.

Annotation for Preview & Schedule