Preview & Schedule Experience Mapping

Experience Mapping

Experience Mapping

After the test, all ideas and feedbacks have been gathered and categorized on sticky notes, by every observer participated in the user testing.

Experience Mapping Categories

  • Version List
  • Content Detail (Schedule Card)
  • Schedule Options
  • See Changes
  • Version History
  • Preview

Photos from Experience Mapping for Curated Collection


All the notes collected from the experience mapping session were transcribed on the excel sheet and marked with colors: green is positive, red is negative, and yellow is requests.

Key feedback from USA

  • The workflow of viewing all scheduled content and to schedule a specific content is clear and straightforward.
  • Likes the change set compare view. Wants to able to compare two versions.
  • “Revert” button is not necessary.
  • “Create new version” button is hard to find.
  • Version No. is not clear, should be nearby Content Title.
  • Add "input unique ID" to each device in the preview workflow.

Consolidation for Preview & Schedule