Version 2.4 (MVP)

Content and Collection Library


Version 2.3 (MVP)

Content and Collection Library


Version 2.2


Curated collections

  • New collection page.
  • New collection group page.
  • Collection field on association card on series page.

Image Styles

  • Change image styles grid breakpoints.

Edit Screen

  • Add multiedit validation. When image has empty required field, it icon has exclamation mark. Once user click save button, edit screen should be switched to the image with empty required field.
  • Add 'x' button to the right top corner.

Video Metadata

  • Add edit screen for video files. User can choose only player. All other metadata is read only.
  • When user select both images and videos "Bulk Edit" and "Multi Edit" buttons should have exclamation mark. When user click either "Bulk Edit" or "Multi Edit" the promt should appear.

Top Bar

  • Top bar sticks to the top of the window while user scroll.


  • Add file grid breakpoints for asset library and new gallery page:
    • width >= 1940px — 5 columns;
    • width >= 2370px — 6 columns;
  • Each file image has gradient overlay from the center to the bottom, from transparent to 40% transparent black.
  • File type icon should color was changed to #eeeeee.
  • File type icon size was changed to 20px.


Version 2.1


Cast & Role

  • Person page
  • Role page
  • Cast & Credit card on season page


  • Controls on media card hides to "..." button depending on screen width.
  • Images grid had changed (images on media card and asset library). Thumbnail sizes, margins and breakpoints.
  • Card title is sticky on mobile


  • User can fold cards by clicking on its title or arrow (on the left top corner of the card).
  • If card has required fields, there is a counter near right after the card title.
  • There is a dot navigation on the left, that indicate the active card. User can also scroll to particular card by clicking on appropriate dot.


  • Gallery cover placeholder has two options: "upload from computer" and "choose from asset library".

Edit Screen

  • Margins between preview image and metadate on mobile had changed.
  • On mobile once user click "Preview" it shows only first 5 previews and button "Load More". Each time user "Load More" it loads another 5.
  • Button name had changed: Collapse -> Hide Preview.
  • No focal rectangle.

Page Header

  • Order of header buttons: published, save as draft, cancel, delete
  • Button name had changed: Save -> Save as draft
  • On mobile buttons collapse to "..." dropdown. Only publish button stay visible.
  • Title of the page is now connected with title field for series, season, episode, event and gallery pages, and with name fields (prefix, first, middle, last name, and suffix) for person and role pages


  • Opacity 0.3 for disabled button. Button icon opacity should be 0.2.