Media Gallery Ideation



Requirements from the Product for Media Gallery was as the follwing:

Acceptance Criteria

  • Create UX workflow for creating galleries in the CMS
    • Uploading/selecting photos or selecting videos (there is no video uploading)
    • Editing captions
    • Rearranging the order of the items in the gallery

Ideation Session

Framing the problem

In the beginning of the session, we introduced the participants to current workflow of creating media galleries on Pub7. Then we walked the participants through the users' journey, accompanied by the questions to be solved at each step. The questions were to guide the participants to think in the perspective of the users and ultimately solve the specific painpoints.

Click here to see the presentation deck for Media Gallery's ideation session.

Screenshot of Ideation Presentation Dock

Design Charrettes

Everyone in the session drew out and discussed their ideas regarding collection and its workflow with the group. At the end of the session, we voted for the best ideas and took photos for the record.

Voted ideas | number of votes

  • Multi-edit capability reusing the multi-edit flow | 8
  • Drag-and-drop rearrange | 5
  • Normalized number ordering | 5
  • Ability to toggle gallery view between grid and list | 5
  • Add the newly added item at the very end | 4
  • Carousel-style preview | 4
  • Checkbox option to override the metadata caption | 3
  • Bottom-sticky buttons | 2
  • Keep original & new box & checkbox | 1
  • Apearing new box | 1
  • Keep original & no checkbox | 1
  • Dropdown for rearranging | 1
  • List view for Gallery | 1