Curated Collection Discovery



For the discovery session on curated collections, we prepared a simple script that focuses on understanding the users' current process and workflow, which involves using nodequeues and inserting the contents to be displayed on the front-end pages. We then proceeded to ask about the most useful feature currently and any improvements they would like to see.

Discovery Session Script for Collections

Session Recordings

During the discovery session, producers from each brand demonstrated their workflow in-depth while we screenrecorded.

Use cases of each brand

  • Syfy: There is a separate listing page for nodequeues. Nodequeues are presumably pre-defined by the admin, and therefore have specific usage, placements, and number of items.

Syfy: Nodequeues

  • Bravo: Each series has one or more layouts associated in context. Presumably pre-defined by the admin, the layouts display only set number of items on the top and ignores the rest. The producer can program each content to be either published or unpublished.

Bravo: Layout

  • USA: Each series has pre-defined nodequeues with specific names, namely, A-spots and Best of Blocks, which reflects their usage and placement within the series page.

USA: Series A-spots and Blocks

Discovery Synthesis


We took notes while rewatching the session videos. There were multiple use cases that differ across the brands, and even the naming convention wasn't unified. While all the nodequeues of Syfy lived under a single menu, USA and Bravo had contextual nodequeues which were created only for that specific use.

Discovery Session Notes from 3 Brands