Curated Collection Ideation



We collected requirements from the brands gained during the discovery session as well as from the Product and Engineering team. In the case for curated collection, the engineering had a very strict set of requirements.

Product and Engineering Requirements for Collection

Ideation Session

Framing the problem

In the beginning of the session, we introduced the participants to the clear definition of Collection as defined by the Product. We also presented some current use cases as demonstrated by the users during the discovery session. Then we walked the participants through the users' journey, accompanied by the questions to be solved at each step. The questions were to guide the participants to think in the perspective of the users and ultimately solve the specific painpoints.

Click here to see the presentation deck for Collection's ideation session.

Screenshot of Ideation Presentation Dock

Design Charrettes

Everyone in the session drew out and discussed their ideas regarding collection and its workflow with the group. At the end of the session, we voted for the best ideas and took photos for the record.

Voted ideas | number of votes

  • List UI with image and detail | 11
  • Reuse the Asset Library overlay view for Collection Library | 5
  • Search over collection dropdown separated by types | 3
  • Have separate new collection form | 2
  • Embed collection form within context | 2
  • Foldable collection details | 2
  • Search dropdown featuring various filters | 1
  • Edit collection button | 1